Blood tests at Carrick Medical Centre

We have a fully qualified phlebotomist who operates a clinic on a Tuesday from 09.00 -12.30.

This allows patients to access blood testing on a weekly basis.
If you need to attend at a time other than this, please ask at reception.

INR (Warfarin) Test
We can provide instant INR / Warfarin results with a fingerprick blood test                          

Blood Results
We ask patients to phone The Medical Centre within 1 week of having their blood test,
to check their results.
The doctor will have reviewed the blood tests and there will be a
message for each patient. If a follow up appointment is necessary, the patient will be
informed at this point.

We strive to contact patients directly if we receive a blood result that is of critical
importance (ie. a dangerously low blood count).

Click here for information on pricing of blood tests at Carrick Medical Centre.

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