The Well Man health screening package at Carrick Medical Centre

We provide health screening as a means of identifying medical conditions which may be present, but do not yet cause symptoms.


- review of medical history and social history (smoking, alcohol, other)
- review of medications and allergies
- height, weight and BMI
- blood pressure
- full medical examination with your doctor, including examination of the prostate gland
- urine test (to identify kidney or bladder disorders)
- blood tests (see below)
- Electrocardiography (ECG) to identify cardiac problems and screen for an irregular heartbeat (Atrial Fibrillation)

BLOOD TESTS will include a Full Blood Count, Cholesterol Levels, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Thyroid Function and Diabetes test.
Men over 50 years of age will be offered a Prostate Cancer blood test.

During your DOCTOR VISIT, your doctor will examine you with regards your cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal and neurological systems, along with an assessment of eyesight and an examination of your ears.

See our fees section to find out more about the cost of our Well Man Health Screening Package.

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