Sexual Health at Carrick Medical Centre

Regular sexual health check-ups are important to help ensure you can continue to have and enjoy a healthy sex life. If you are not in a relationship or sexually active at present, it is still important to look after your sexual health.

We provide full screening for the most common Sexually Transmitted Infections, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Hepatitis. In your consultation you will discuss your STI risks with the doctor, who will take your early morning urine test and blood tests. Depending on how recently you were exposed to the risk of sexually transmitted infection, you may need a repeat blood test in the following 6 weeks.

If necessary, we will refer you to a hospital based Sexual Health Clinic for further investigations or management.
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At Carrick Medical Centre we also offer testicular checks, prostate screening, breast health assessments, and cervical cancer screening.

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